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Urolithiasisisadiseaseofchickensthatresults fromrenaltissuedamage causedby:

•Mineral nutrition imbalanced: especially Ca/P (high Calcium in diets leads to high calcium in urine which will bind with sodium and uratesto make urolithsas calcium-sodium-uratestones)

•Mycotoxinspresent in feed

•Infectious agents such as infectious bronchitis, nephritic viruses and other microorganisms


Uric acid is produced by liver and excreted through kidneys. When the renal tissue is damaged at a cellular level, eventually kidneys will not be able to remove enough uric acid from blood and it will end up crystallizing in different organsleadingtovisceral gout(buildupsofuricacidcrystalsinliver,myocardium,spleen,etc.)

All this together with the urinary flow reduction associated to an acute renal failure and/or to urolithiasisformation in the urinary tract make LIPTOREN an essential product that helps improving the renal function.

Advantages of Liptoren Plus

• Increases the kidney flow

• Improves the acute renal failure

• Acidifies the urine

• Reduces urolithiasisformation

• Reduces the incidence of urinary infections

• Prevents visceral gout

• Helps excreting the uric acid

• Improves the hepatic function, reduces the inflammation and controls the fatty liver syndrome

• Improves the hepatocitsregeneration

Composition: Mineralsand sorbitol.

Use: 0.5 -1 Kg per 1000 L of drinkingwaterduring5-7 days. 

Packing: 1kg aluminium bags

Code: 136D